“Industry is in deep trouble”

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Ancient industry of parasol type sun shields

Sesath or traditional Sinhalese umbrellas have a long history behind them. Although today largely used as home decor and at ceremonial observances such as peraheras, the sesatha of yore had a functional as well as a ritual value. The olden-day sesath appear to have been invariably white as is suggested by the term sesatha itself which is derived from the Sanskritic shveta-chatra or 'white umbrella'. Such white umbrellas are said to be still found in the homes of old Kandyan families. Besides serving as a sunshade borne by the attendants of aristocracy, the sesath could also be said to have indicated a man's status in society.

Sesath Industry is dying

“The making of traditional sesath today survives in only one solitary village, namely, Unaveruva in the Asgiriya Udasiyapattu Korale of Matale district. Here, an ancient clan known as the Vellidura who are said to have arrived with the sacred Bodhi tree from India during the time of King Devanampiya Tissa still manufacture these age-old sunshades for a livelihood, and all indications are that the industry here is a thriving one”.

Indrani Muthunayake

Sesath Sri Lanka bring a Solution

So we, Sesath Sri Lanka has found a creative solution for bring sesath back in to the socity. Not as the traditonal moon sesath, we are going to bring its colours and textures to different products. We started with tee shirts, coffee mugs and shopping bags. Many more to come

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we need your support for build this amazing products. Your direct support is for us but that is a huge motivation for develop Sesath industry that curruntly dying. 50% ofsales directly pumping to who develop Sesath in Sri Lanka

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