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Sesath is a dying industry in Sri Lanka. Is has a long history and but people getting away from Sesath. Main reason thay our inteligents have found is that most of the time Sesath is using in events and festivals. Those days any kind of professional event we can found couple of Sesaths. Now most of the events’ traditional feeling has been gone. More modernise look has been pump mainly because of everyone is running a busy life.

Discover Sesath

So we, Sesath Sri Lanka has found a creative solution for bring sesath back in to the socity. Not as the traditonal moon sesath, we are going to bring its colours and textures to different products. We started with tee shirts, coffee mugs and shopping bags. Many more to come

More about Products

50% of your money will be directrly pump to develop Sesath indusry in Sri Lanka and also lifes of those artists. 40% is the procution cost. In near future we are hoping to organise more events. Our first event will be held in this fall. It’s a product displaying exhibition.

Sesath Industry is dying

“The making of traditional sesath today survives in only one solitary village, namely, Unaveruva in the Asgiriya Udasiyapattu Korale of Matale district. Here, an ancient clan known as the Vellidura who are said to have arrived with the sacred Bodhi tree from India during the time of King Devanampiya Tissa still manufacture these age-old sunshades for a livelihood, and all indications are that the industry here is a thriving one”.

Indrani Muthunayake

If you like to give us a special hand

As you already know we are manufacturig products. If you or your comapany is part of any printing, tee shirt material or any related industry and you willing to help us, and this is your chance. Or if you or your company like to donate us with money, we are glad on that as well.

Simply drop your email address and send, we will contact you