Compare Whatsapp and viber


As you see from the title, we would like to distinguish between two of the most popular smartphone applications – Whatsapp and Viber. The choice is hard, indeed, and there is no reason not to use both, but we would like to find out which one is better, even if it is just for the sport. Here we won’t talk about disadvantages, as the two applications seem to have no negative sides. The comparison is more for the different options and functions that each application provides and the way it provides them. Let’s see what they got.



General characteristics

VIber and Whatsapp are both apps designed to allow free communication between you and other people with smartphones. They don’t require manual addition of contacts – the applications automatically derive them from your contacts list as soon as you enter your phone number. In other words, Viber and Whatsapp check the numbers in your contacts list and if they find that some of them have already registered with their phone numbers, add them to your in-app contact list.



WhatsApp characteristics



Viber characteristics




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